Innovation is a change that unlocks a new value”
By Jamie Notter

A mind infused with the spirit of the invention will give birth to the leaders of tomorrow, because it works to make contributions that benefit the society. Taking this aspect into consideration, our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi foresees an era where people are not distributed on the grounds of digitization. He foresees an era where each and every individual, whether young or old, have accepted electronics and digital media in their lifestyle. He intends to promote digital literacy for the comprehensive growth of the nation and bring India at par with other developed nations by eradicating the digital divide.

Working in the direction of his vision, Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) has proposed Smart City Rajkot Hackathon. This initiative is taken to encourage the students in presenting the best technological solutions to the problems possessed by the city of Rajkot. The objective of idealizing Hackathon is to bring improvisation to various social issues posing problems to the inhabitants of Rajkot by the means of technology based solutions. Students are provided with a platform through which they can lead inventions in their field of interest and furnish benefit to the city simultaneously.

The technologies that can be used viz. Apps, websites, auto-rectifying mechanisms, control sensors, and e-governance solutions, will help to eradicate day-to-day life problems for the inhabitants of the city. Uniting all the ‘Brilliant innovations’ and chiselling advancements, we can establish a solid framework to a ‘Smart City Rajkot’. The Smart Cities Mission was launched by the Government of India on June 25, 2017. The core intent of creating the vision is to stimulate the city with a sustainable environment. This would help Rajkot in evolving as an imperishable, and feasible living style to reside in favour of the public. With respect to this, Hackathon is devised and is completely based upon working in the direction of resolving 101 problems identified belonging to 23 departments, to be precise.

Marwadi University- the Top university in Rajkot is the Event organizer as well as the Host of this big initiative. The university was founded with a motto to let the students discover their true potential in the field or subject of their interest. It provides a unique model for imparting 360 degree education where emphasis is laid on furnishing the pupils with the best knowledge, skills and a holistic development. Such model helps them to become an all-rounder and excel in every possible field. MU ensures that each and every aspirant is ready to adopt the tough situations faced while getting into the real-world. They are trained to be adept at applied knowledge and technical education learning. The skills so obtained are presented to the market on a regular basis in the form of competitions, seminars, and many more. In the limelight of this, Marwadi University is acknowledging the students to take part in Smart city Rajkot Hackathon 2017 and hence make the city of Rajkot smarter. The university has made with its students stronger to stand at the competition and represent the university.