We are living in such an era where everything is getting connected to technology. There is no doubt in saying technology has made our life very easier and smoother. Each and every sector is inducing technology in their day to day workings. Education sector is one such sector which has seen remarkable changes due to technology. In past few years, technology has completely changed the image of education industry. Colleges have changed their traditional way of teaching to digital teaching. In this race, Marwadi University has taken up the great lead from all the educational institutes. Marwadi University is situated in Rajkot, states of Gujarat. The University offers academic education in under graduate and post graduate programme. Marwadi University is one such place where latest technology has been used to make education interesting and entertaining for the students.15039523_1131220873600297_3441399981159048871_o


Marwadi University believes that students should get the in-depth understanding of the concepts.  To make the same possible, University uses the latest technological equipments in its teaching curriculum. University focuses in providing practical knowledge of the topics and make students perform various experiments in the laboratories. The laboratories are equipped with the latest technological equipments which bring concept clarification in the minds of the students. Marwadi University has also received the National Excellence Award 2014 for being the best institute in bringing technology in teaching learning practices.


Marwadi University believes that library plays an important role in the life of students. Library is one such place where students can get knowledge about the topic of their interest and subjects. Marwadi University has changed the traditional library system where students use to spend long hours in searching the book of their requirement. The University has added the technology in its library system and has introduced the concept of “Digital Library”.  They also call digital library as Learning Resource Centre. The library is fully equipped with RFID (Radio frequency Identification Device) Technology. To make the best use of library, the University has set up a designed self KIOSK for self check in and check out. Apart from this, library has 60+ computer systems and specially designed mobile  application where students gets the intimation, alerts, history, account status and book search facilities. The use of this type of latest technology has marked Marwadi University as the top University of Gujarat.


Marwadi University has proved that there is urgent need to get updated with the latest technology. The university believes that use of technology makes education interesting and also ensures that students get proper understanding of the topics. These steps have made Marwadi as the best University of entire Rajkot and Gujarat.