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The art of outlining structures- Civil Engineering

India is evolving as a developing economy, and we all know how significant infrastructure is when it comes to economic development. Infrastructure is the backbone of the economy, and a civil engineer oversees the development of infrastructure. So with more budgets allocated to the development of infrastructure the demand for civil engineers is growing, which [...]

January 13th, 2021|Blogs, Courses, General, Recent, Top Blog|

Role of Physiotherapy in the field of sports

Muscle aches and pains are frequent in our day to day lives. There can be varied reasons to suffer from such pain, especially when you are nearing old age or when you have, sports injuries, accidents or chronic illness. Physiotherapy, here, plays an integral part to help cure these pains. You will need physiotherapy in [...]

January 6th, 2021|Blogs, Courses, General, Recent, Top Blog|

Best Engineering College in Rajkot – Marwadi University

Marwadi University (MU) is one of the leading private universities in Gujarat, established in 2016. We, at Marwadi University, aim to strengthen human capabilities. We aim to enhance the knowledge and skills of our students and help them discover their true potential. Our primary purpose is to provide students with cost-effective quality education. MU offers [...]

December 31st, 2020|Blogs, Courses, General, Recent, Top Blog|

Study about the stock market in BBA (Financial Markets) Course

Financial markets are common for all countries, and they play a significant role in the economic growth of the country. Financial markets refer to a marketplace where trading of all financial securities take place. It comprises platforms such as the stock market, the bond market, foreign exchange, and derivates among many others. Here we are [...]

December 24th, 2020|Blogs, Courses, General, Recent, Top Blog|

Critical Role of Mathematics in Data Science

"In today's world, where technology is ever-evolving, the scope of professional opportunities in the data science industry has been exceeding immensely. Let us understand what data science is and what is the importance of mathematics in the field of data science."   What is Data Science?  Data Science is a detailed study of the vast [...]

December 18th, 2020|Blogs, Courses, General, Recent, Top Blog|