Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical industries in India. Such growth has created considerable scope for individuals who are interested to pursue pharmacy course.

Explore the top 4 industries where you can work after pursuing pharmacy course and build a great future for yourself as below:

Research and Development (R&D)

With an emergency to find alternatives in every field, the Research and Development (R&D) industry has become a flourishing industry in today’s world. This, especially, applies to the world of pharmacy which has a lot of scope in research. Hence, experts across the world have been looking for enthusiastic students who have pursued pharmacy course in their undergraduate program. The pay is fairly well and the scope of growth is immense. Also, though working in the Research and Development (R&D) industry might be difficult, the knowledge gained from it is pleasurable.

Quality control

Every research-based pharmacy company has a Quality control unit which deals with the analysis and testing of pharmaceutical drugs. While in a company, this unit may be comparatively smaller, the Quality control industry is quite big. There is a huge requirement for knowledgeable pharmacy graduates who can analyse and test the drugs efficiently. Doing so helps in determining the

  • Quality control (QC) and
  • Quality assurance (QA) factors

of a drug which will be further consumed by people across the globe. Moreover, this industry pays a decent amount to individuals. Hence, if you wish to enter this field, pay attention to your pharmacy course and the subjects you study. Also, practice handling sophisticated equipment and sensitive analytical dealings.


The marketing industry is one of the most successful industries of the present times. With the world getting fiercely competitive, every company wants to come on the forefront and promote itself and its products. This especially applies to the pharmaceutical companies as their market is one of the toughest markets of present times. With every other pharmaceutical company selling similar drugs with similar composition, it is hard for a company to survive in such a market. Hence, marketing is a key tool to stay up in the game. Hence, opt for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing after completing your pharmacy course.

Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is booming these days. Due to the relaxation of norms related to establishing a company, the ease of doing business in India has shot up which has resulted in such an ascending growth. Thus, as a pharmacy graduate, working in the manufacturing industry to manage the manufacturing operations is a great way to kick-start your career.

By doing so, your knowledge about the drugs, their manufacturing and the entire process of its production will widen immensely which will not only give you valuable insights about the manufacturing industry but also will help you make a wise about your preference for drugs. In case, you have a desire to start a venture of your own, then doing so in the manufacturing industry will bring satisfactory profits to you. Thus, the knowledge which you have obtained from your pharmacy course will be put in use in the right direction while helping you achieve success in your life.

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