If you see the current scenario of the Indian automotive industry, it is one of the most dynamic ones in the entire world. The key reasons may include increasing population, diversified customers and high living standards. Broadly, you can classify this industry into 3 major segments viz. R&D, production and sales. And all of these three sectors have immense career opportunities if you have a degree in Automobile engineering.

Here are some concrete reasons why you must go for this degree:

No. 1. Indian Automotive industry is young and budding

Indian Automotive industry is budding by leaps and bounds. However it’s in its initial stage, this industry has reached to the second largest of all after the IT industry in India. Not only it’s about this country, its global scenario is also fascinating. By 2020, India’s share in the global market for passenger vehicles is predicted to reach 8% from 2.40% in the year of 2015. These figures themselves say a lot about the scopes in this sector.

No. 2. A job that has multiple facets

Generally, you have heard a job type that includes almost a same kind of profile. For example, a white-collar job doesn’t involve almost any of the tasks that a blue-collar job covers and vice versa. But if you look at the job type of Automobile Engineers, they also have to play with the oil, cranks, shafts and such other systems and subsystems. And Automobile professionals really fascinate their job type for this reason only!

No. 3. Get a specialization with a BTech degree

Being a part of the BTech course for Automobile engineering means that you get to know about an engineering branch that deals with the design, production as well as the operation of different types of vehicles. You get to learn about the systems and subsystems of buses, trucks, earth-movers, tractors and all kinds of two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers. But when you go to the industry to get a job, you would also need a degree in hands which BTech in Automobile can give you.

No. 4. Excellent career growth even outside India

If you think that the job opportunities will be limited to India only after pursuing the BTech in Automobile, you are wrong. As a qualified Automobile engineer, you also have great opportunities outside India. Automobile companies are all across the world and all of these companies require the professional engineers. You may have just seen your dream cars and bikes but you can also get in these companies if you have a BTech degree in Automobile.

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