After completing an MBA, one would expect a fulfilling and rewarding career. But, do you even know which are the best management jobs around? If not then here are the lists of few management jobs that are the best so far,

  • Management Consultant

It is one of the highly paid jobs you will find today. Management consultants primarily help the companies to solve complex problems, formulate strategies to improve the performance and maximize the growth of the organization.

Anyhow, along with a specialized MBA degree, to become a consultant one should be a team player, have profound knowledge, and leadership qualities. He/she should also be highly determined and enthusiastic about their work. Besides, that one should be proficient in solving business problems.

It is undoubtedly the best if you want to earn good money and enhance your managerial skills.

  • Product Manager

It is one of the unique jobs that exist. A product manager is majorly responsible to lead a team aiming to deliver the end product. They often have to work with a project manager, customer, and the sales team.

They can also take charge of the marketing of the product that involves profit analysis and forecasting.

In short, they perform an organizational role that includes various roles and responsibilities, thus enabling an individual to learn something new and face challenges every day. Also, the managers are paid well for their work.

  • Investment Banker

If you hold an MBA degree in finance then this is the most suitable job for you. The role of an investment banker is basically to help a firm or a bank to invest their money wisely to get the best returns.

It is one of a well-reputed job around the world with a great opportunity to learn and face new challenges. An average salary an investment banker earns is 4-40 Lac per annum indeed, it’s a highly paid job.

  • Sales Manager

One of the most rewarding and challenging careers is sales. Retail, manufacturing & finance, wholesale trade are all dependent on sales managers. They are typically involved in establishing objectives and developing strategies to increase and improve sales. They also resolve customer queries and train sales personnel to perform the sales function effectively.

It’s the best profession for those who are keen on earning more and more money. The career in sales is perhaps a performance-driven, i.e. the more you sell the more you earn. Thus, it is a suitable job for individuals who are competitive and passionate enough to earn good profits. There is very few profession than sales who offers such an opportunity.

  • Marketing Manager

Every company today wants to earn profits as well as a good name. A marketing manager is one such resource that helps to do so. They play a vital role in increasing the sale and bringing in the revenue.

Skilled and creative marketers have innumerable opportunities to grow and work with some of the most recognizable brands around the world. Needless to say, one has a scope to earn a lot.

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