As a student, you might have often come across a bunch of students who are intellectually smart and win every competition that they are part of. Well, while their intelligence does play a role in their success, such students are also hard-workers and have the will to preserver.

While everyone can’t be intelligent as they are, it is a fact that achieving success is nowhere related to such intelligence. It is purely an achievement of many other attributes. If you accept them and practice them regularly, success will touch your feet as well.

Professionally, most of the recruiters feel that there is a lack of finesse in students for professional ventures. According to statistics posted in Forbes, only 43% of recruiters felt that graduated students are proficient in the jobs they have applied for. Thus, it is clear that many other attributes are necessary for success other than just intelligence.

Explore them as further:

Utilise the resources of your college:

Every college aims to give the possible facilities to their students so that the young buds can grow and nurture well. To encourage the same, they provide a number of facilities as well. Utilise those resources to gain thorough knowledge and develop your overall personality. This is one of the ways you make the most of your college life.

Participate and even organise various extra-curricular activities:

Have you even enjoyed your college if you haven’t participated in extra-curricular activities? These activities are an integral part of your college memories and also help you explore your strengths and weakness. For example, if you get a chance to host an event of your college then do it. You might end up knowing that you have the talent of entertaining people. Moreover, don’t just participate. Take initiatives and organise various events as well. Trust us, you will learn and discover many things about yourself.

Give seminars:

Irrespective of your stream, Seminars are an integral part of the curriculum. While they might compulsory for some courses and might not be compulsory for others if you get a chance to give a seminar, give them. Such seminars will give you a chance to work on your communication skills. Moreover, they will also help you deal with your stage fear and improvise your research skills. The boost of confidence along with it is another added bonus. These skills are essential for a healthy professional life ahead.

Be active in labs:

Laboratory sessions are another important area wherein you can develop yourself. These sessions are meant to teach the practical application of the things you learn in your academics and also give scope for experimentation of the same. Thus, be active in the laboratory. Focus on what is being taught and whether you can improvise the same or not. Experiment if possible. You will end up gaining many valuable insights through it.

Do internships:

Recruiters look for experienced candidates these days. No one wants to hire individuals who lack experience. And there is a logical explanation to it. It takes a lot of time to train freshers. In a corporate, no one really has the time to do so. Hence, we advise you not to waste your vacations in chilling. Instead, spare some time and do internships that are relevant to your field. This will help you gain experience and give a decent amount of exposure. You will also end up knowing what you really want to do in your life.

Prepare for job interviews:

A common mistake that most students commit is that they don’t prepare for their job interviews. They just brush up their academic knowledge and wear formal attire to attend the interviews that hold the potential to change their life for forever. The results are disappointing, most of the times. Make sure that you don’t commit this mistake. Use the resources of the college, especially the internet, to find out the key requirements of a job interview. Develop good interpersonal skills for the same. And then attend your job interview. We bet, this will create a huge difference in front of your potential recruiter!

Dress right:

Yes, you read that. Having a good dressing sense and the ability to dress right creates a huge difference in your personal and professional life. It radiates your self-worth, shows your neatness, and reflects your personality. It also creates a sense of authority and gives the impression that you are not naïve and immature. Thus, start dressing right from your college days to be habituated to it and feel the difference it creates to the people around you.

At Marwadi University, our world-class infrastructure builds a healthy learning environment for our students. In addition to this, our regular extra-curricular activities give our students an ample amount of scope to discover themselves along with their strengths and weaknesses.