The job of Structural Engineering is primarily concerned with designing & constructing aspects of the buildings. They also have to make sure that the structure can withstand the natural elements to which they are exposed. And to be a successful Structural Engineering, an aspirant can opt for M.Tech in Structural Engineering.

M.Tech in Structural Engineering- Overview

M.Tech in Structural Engineering is a 2-year post-graduate program, which is closely related to Civil Engineering. This course will help the aspirants to develop a unique design structure, solve problems related to that, and shape the world around them. Before joining M.Tech in Structural Engineering, an aspirant must have a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. M.Tech is currently the best course for the aspirants who seek to grow in the design and construction industry on a higher pedestal. Most of the universities providing Structural Engineering course consider GAP & JEE score for the admission process.

Fundamental Tasks of Structural Engineer:

  • The most basic task of Structural Engineering is reporting and design.
  • Selecting appropriate construction materials.
  • Providing technical solutions if any difficulties arise.
  • Working on getting the building regulation approvals.
  • Coordinating with relevant professionals like designers, architects, and contractors to make sure that the structure has an aesthetic concept.
  • Monitoring & inspecting work, which are undertaken by Contractors like the progress, conditions, foundation, etc.
  • Work with geotechnical engineers to review ground conditions for foundation and analyze the results of a soil sample to examine the integrity of the structure.

Structural Engineering- Job Overview

The candidates, after completing bachelors in Civil Engineering or Structural Engineering can find a desirable job with a nice salary package. But the aspirants who want to earn a specialization in this field are advised to pursue M.Tech or M.Sc. in Structural Engineering.

Engineering Consultancy-There are many job opportunities in both the private and public sectors for Structural engineers. They can start their career as a construction designer and work their way towards project managers. Most Structural Engineers work for engineering consultancy agencies, local authorities, oil companies, railway operators, or small firms.

Freelancers– They can also work as a freelancer as a contract Engineer or consultants.

Own Company– Structural Engineers can even start their own company and be self-employed. There are no restrictions for them, and so they can open engineering consultancy or something thing in a similar field.

Universities– Many Universities also employ Structure Engineers as researchers and lecturers.

Below are some of the Government recruiters:

  • Municipal Corporation
  • Indian Railways
  • Housing Boards
  • Armed Forces
  • NHAI
  • PWD

Below are some of the Private Sector recruiters:

  • NGOs
  • Consulting Firms
  • Construction Firms
  • Architectures Firms

Below are some of the Job Descriptions for the Structural Engineers:

  • Quality Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Structural Consultants
  • Disaster Management Expert
  • Bridge Engineer
  • Construction Engineer
  • On-Shore Design Engineer
  • Off-Shore Design Engineer
  • Material Testing Engineer
  • Foundation engineer
  • Piping engineer
  • Researcher
  • Lecturer

Why You Should Become a Structural Engineer??

  • As urbanization is expanding, the need for more and more buildings, dams, bridges, and other structures is increasing, and so is the demand for Structural Engineers.
  • Structural Engineers have excellent pay potential.
  • Individuals with M.Tech in Structural Engineer can gain experience and then start their own company.
  • Structural Engineers play a very important role in Community Development.
  • An M.Tech Structural Engineer degree will help improve the basis of the city’s infrastructure.
  • They can secure a high position in many specialized areas.

This field is versatile and has a lot of potential for a successful career if you have the required skillset. But the universities from which you choose to pursue your course also play a significant role in defining your career, and so make sure to select the top engineering college. Among all the top universities, Marwadi University is the top engineering college in Gujarat. MU is also awarded as BEST ENGINEERING COLLEGE OF INDIA – WEST 2016. Moreover, MU has also been accredited as the only NAAC A+ University in Gujarat, and that ensure quality education.