Lack of patriotism is a common acquisition which millennials face these days. Well, they can’t be really blamed, can they? Unlike the elders who were taught about the value of their motherland since the beginning of their lives, millennials were taught of the competitive world they have to survive in.

In spite of this, dear Millennials, patriotism is not just a word. It is a deep emotion which every human being must have in their hearts. Never forget the sacrifices our ancestors have made due to which you live in this free land today. And you must never underestimate it. You ought to be thankful for it.

And who says that only your environment can teach patriotism? With smartphones in your hand, technology is a great tool to inculcate this deep emotion within yourself! This is what you can do:

Google the history – Simple!

Google is the saviour of the generation, isn’t it? So, it can prove to be a better way to know more about the richness of Indian culture, the story of the Indian freedom movement, and many such things. Additionally, there are many websites which can help you know these things in an interesting manner. They often have easy language, relevant pictures, and provide a deep insight into certain subjects. This will make it easier for you to inculcate the fervour of patriotism within yourself while keeping the things interesting.

A word of caution here: Be cautious of the websites you browse and gain knowledge from. There are many websites on Google which can promote fake information. Ask your professors for the websites you must browse to get the right information. They might even help you explore the websites which have more topic-specific content.

Watch YouTube videos:

If you use YouTube regularly, you will know that YouTube has a rich source of patriotic videos. From the videos of patriotic songs to endeavours of great Indians like APJ Abdul Kalam, Vikram Sarabhai, Ashoka – the great, it has plenty of them which can make you proud about India. If you love Indian mythology and are curious about India’s diversity, there are videos on them too. In fact, if you find a lot of animated videos on these topics. Such videos are often fun to watch and easy to grasp.

If you are looking for opinions on Indian history, search for the videos of contemporary Indian speakers. You will find many of them. And while you watch these videos and your parents scold you for using so much mobile, do make them proud by telling them the truth!

Stay updated with e-newspapers:

Newspapers are a great way of being patriotic. They keep you updated and aware of the national events which make you a responsible citizen and also inculcate a strong feeling of patriotism within you. And with smartphones in your hand, gone are those when you had to sit with the long newspaper to do so. It is time to upgrade with your smartphone. Opt for e-newspapers instead. There are many mobile applications for the same. In fact, there are many applications which help you stay updated within a specified word-limit. Thus, while the words are less, you still feel a huge amount of love for the nation.

Thus, this Independence Day, start with a new hobby. Start learning about India, its rich history, its culture, and the great Indian Freedom movement. Don’t just come to know about Patriotism. Understand it.

From all of us at Marwadi University.

Happy Independence Day.

Jai Hind!