Communication skills are one of the most important skills an individual must possess in the present times. These skills are helpful not only in the professional career but also the personal life of an individual as well. With strong communication finess, you will be able to win the hearts of many people and make a great impression on them. This further helps in your ventures.

Recognising the importance, we have come up with a course which teaches these skills at Marwadi University. The course – Passport to Communication Skills has been specially designed by the scholarly professors of our institution. It is being provided in association with Udemy – a recognised online learning platform.

Know more about this course further.

Passport to Communication Skills – In the right sense

Being a course which is related to communication, ‘Passport to Communication Skills’ brings a lot on the table. It is especially beneficial for people like you who have the zeal to succeed in their lives, both personal and professional.

This course can be opted for free it if registered through Marwadi University. The aim of the course is to help you become confident leaders with strong communication skills. Such leaders can solve every situation without causing further chaos. And the world needs such leaders right now.

This course can be pursued by individuals across all ages, after having completed their school life. It is highly recommendable for the students who are all set to enter their degree course. Pursuing it and help a student to excel in their college life from the beginning. It consists of four units of four hours each. The first unit teaches you the right ways to introduce yourself and the second unit includes a session on interpersonal communication. The third unit teaches you reading skills and the fourth unit teaches you basic writing skills.

All of these units are highly beneficial as they teach the basics of communication, both verbal and written. Hence, it is a passport to communication skills in the right sense.

What do you gain from the course?

It can help you to enhance your effective way of talking to someone else by,

  • Present your ideas clearly
  • Sharpen your language skills
  • Build strong bonds with people
  • A path towards a successful professional career

According to us, these are the outcomes of this course:

  • Introduce themselves effectively
  • Initiate and participate in conversations
  • Analyse, interpret and comprehend
  • Write letters and formal applications

Thus, this is a well-planned and insightful course for individuals like you who want to succeed in their lives.

To avail the Passport to Communication Skills course for free, register here. Know more about university, visit Marwadi University.

[Note: This course is free only if you pursue this course through Marwadi University.]