The 21st century is the era of Technology. With constant technological developments and awareness, technology has become the center of everyone’s lives. From the fan which ought to be in one’s house to the smartphone without which your routine life can’t go ahead, technology plays a major role in enhancing your life.

But this technology brings its threats as well. For example, in 2016, Yahoo faced two data breaches which affected about 1.5 billion user accounts. Also, recently, Facebook faced a data leak of phone numbers of about 419 million users.

Thus, cybersecurity has emerged as a necessary aid in this century. Explore more on this topic further.

What sort of cyber-attacks can occur?

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Once any sort of data is available on the internet, irrespective of the network being protected or not, it is exposed to cyber threats. Such attacks are usually given by unethical hackers or organisations supporting unethical hacking.

Thus, it is essential to be aware of such attacks instead of finding a solution after any mishap. Here are the types of attacks which can occur:

Attacks on confidentiality:

If such an attack occurs, your personally identifying information or your bank account or credit card information is exposed. Attackers usually take such information and sell it on the dark web for the use of a third-party user.

Attacks on integrity:

Sabotage of a person or an enterprise is considered as an attack on integrity. Such attacks are often called leaks. Once a leak is caused, a cybercriminal will access and release sensitive information for various purposes.

Attacks on availability:

These cyberattacks block users from accessing their own data. The aim of such an attack is to gain some financial benefit from the ones whose data is leaked.

The consequences can be highly dangerous which may also lead to life-threatening situations. Hence, cybersecurity plays a major role in solving and preventing such attacks. Cybersecurity experts often take preventive measures to ensure that nothing much happens. And if it does, they ensure the recovery.

In big private organisations, there is a separate department of cybersecurity which ensures that no data breach is caused. The Government of India has also had a division named Indian Computer Emergency Response Team under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. This division recruits cyber experts who handle such attacks.

Is Cybersecurity a serious issue?

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Having understood about the cyber-attacks so far, you might be convinced that Cybersecurity is a serious issue which is being considered by major organisations of the world. In fact, many steps are also being taken to ensure the same.

But why does the world need it? Why can’t the world rely on the internet until the data is secured? Is it the need of the hour?

A few reasons to justify these statements are given below:

Personal data is being shared online:

With a smartphone is almost everyone’s hands these days, it is safe to say that they are the center of routine lives these days. From finding directions to paying bills, everything can be done within seconds with just one click. But this has a led to the sharing of personal information online. Private details like phone numbers, location, and credit/debit card details, etc. are exposed and though digital platforms do assure safety of such information, one can never be completely assured.

Think of it, how many apps in your phone have access to your location, can read your messages, know your credentials, or store your day-to-day activity?

Frequent data breaches:

As mentioned at the beginning of the blog, there is a significant increase in data breaches these days. While companies are to be blamed for not taking apt data security measures, they also occur due to human negligence. This means that there might be a failure in configuring hardware, strong passwords haven’t been set. Sometimes, people also click upon phishing emails or pop-ups which can lead to a data breach. As people trust the internet blindly, they fail to be aware of these errors and hence, there has been a significant increase in these data breaches.

A proliferation in the number of unethical hackers:

Unethical hacking is risky but pays a lot of money. When we say a lot of money, the amount is really huge. Also, it is a challenge for many which is worth the risk. Thus, there has been a proliferation in the number of unethical hackers. These hackers are equipping themselves with more and more knowledge and tools which can help them to carry out hacking effectively and efficiently.

Thus, cybersecurity is the need of the hour.

Cybersecurity course at Marwadi University:

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Very few universities offer a course in this area. At Marwadi University, one of the top universities in Gujarat, we are glad to introduce a Master’s in engineering course in Cybersecurity. The aim of this course is to train students in the field of cybersecurity. It helps the students to get familiar with technical tools to prevent, counter, and recover cyber-attacks. It also teaches ways to prevent these attacks and secure the cyber assets of an organisation or group of people.

To ensure that our students make the most of this course, we have well-equipped libraries and laboratories. Along with it, we conduct regular seminars and have a training and placement cell.

The bottom line is that the world needs Cybersecurity and it needs experts who can handle it well. Thus, pursue the engineering course in Cybersecurity and build a successful career.