Marwadi University is one of the best universities in Gujarat in all the terms. Apart from the highest level of education, we also provide such facilities that boost the growth of students. Along with the regular classroom studies that we conduct, we also hold several events and activities that are relevant to various courses. Through continuous efforts in all directions, we don’t want to miss any stone unturned when it comes to the development of our students.

Different events have different purposes to polish different edges of the students and ultimately, to make them all-rounders. Let’s have a quick look at some of such events held by Marwadi University:

Day celebration at Marwadi University

Whether it is a Yoga day or Independence Day celebration, students are encouraged here to actively be a part of it. MU Fest was a clear example of how students from various courses meet and collaborate with one another to make an event a success!

Industrial visits

At this best university in Rajkot, we believe that only classroom studies are not enough for any program. It is essential to also focus on the practical knowledge and for this, nothing can be better than the industrial visits to respective fields. Through such visits, students of respective fields get to know how actually the work is done in the industries and what all they’d have to go through when they will also be a part of the industry. A visit to Adani Port, Mundra was one of such visits.

Workshops and training sessions

To refine a variety of skills of the students, we also organize workshops and training sessions that would enhance also the soft skill sets apart from the professional skillsets. A workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is an example of such a workshop held by Marwadi University.

Expert lectures at Marwadi University

To provide the in-depth knowledge of their subjects to the students, this best university in Gujarat calls top industry experts to be at the university and share their knowledge chunk. Some of such expert lectures also cover art of living and motivational sessions, faculty development sessions, etc.

Concerts & movie promotions

We, at Marwadi University, believe that fun should also be a part of extra-curricular activities to break the monotony of everyday chores. Movie promotions and concerts refresh the minds of students and help them study more efficiently. Recently, we had different Bollywood movie promotions apart from a concert of the very popular singer, Armaan Malik.

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