When you complete your graduation, whether it is B.Com, BBA or any other, you have mixed thoughts, the happiness of getting a degree and concern about what next? And the situation is such that you feel all the options suit you, whether it is post-graduation or securing a job. This results in the highest level of dilemma that can sometimes steer you away from your choice and lead you to choose any random option.

In order to help you to get knowledge about all the options and select the option that is apt for you, Marwadi University has brought details about the options that you can go for after completion of B.Com degree. Each and every option listed here depends on which subject or area you are interested in from the things you studied in the course of Bachelor of Commerce.

So, have a look at these options to go for after getting a B.Com degree and evaluate your interests to go for the one that best suits you.

1) Job after B.Com

Of course, this is the best option if you should select, if you get a fairly good opportunity after completing your Bachelor of Commerce. And there is nothing wrong with starting a job immediately after completing B.Com, as you can even gain experience in the field from an early stage.

2) Master of Commerce

This option is the most chosen one and is of only 2 years. You can get an M.Com degree by getting detailed knowledge about the subjects such as business, accounting, management, finance, economics, taxation, etc. There are many recognized universities offering M.Com program.

3) Master of Business Administration

If you are looking for a career option that involves a tad bit of management along with the core subjects that you studied in B.Com, then MBA is the one for you. Of course, there are many options in MBA as well, but MBA in finance is the ideal one for you as it involves the basics of B.Com and a great scope for a job as well.

4) Chartered Accountant after B.Com

If you are ready to give in your heart and soul to build a future that can give you great earnings and a respectable job as well, then CA is the one for you. B.Com graduates can go for this option and add prestigious CA title to their names. For becoming a CA, you need to give 3 exams with 2 groups of subjects.

5) CMA-Certified Management Accountant

To get an exciting job in any of the renowned MNC, this international certification is for the B.Com graduates. This certification is offered by IMA USA and allows you to gain expertise in financial analysis, planning, control and professional ethics too. To get CMA certification, you need to clear two exams by IMS USA.

6) CPA-Certified Public Accountant

This course aces all the above options and is considered as highly valuable across the world. The exams for getting a CPA after B.Com are conducted by the largest accounting body across the globe, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. You can go for this one if you are interested in working with US-based companies as well.

There are many other options that can be added to this list, but these are the prime ones that can give you a bright and secure future as well. Decide for yourself quickly and embark on your journey towards a fulfilling career.

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