Bachelor of Science is a graduation programme that is quite under-rated in our society and people always take it as an alternative option after they don’t get their first preferred choice. But pursuing Bachelor of Science from the most-recognized university of India, Marwadi University, can give you a chance to bag overall knowledge about the discipline that you’re going to choose for BSc.

Marwadi University, the best BSc College in India offers BSc in various disciplines for giving you a platform to pursue your career choice. There are many factors that make this university the best BSc College in India and some of them are enlisted here,

  • Highly-qualified and experienced faculties
  • Ultra-modern infrastructure
  • Completely equipped laboratories
  • Curriculum tailored to cover all the concepts
  • Placement opportunities in top companies

Have a look at the disciplines offered and brief details about each one of them.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Enter the world of chemicals and explore everything about them along with various processes with the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program at Marwadi University. Right from the basics of the chemicals to details of the periodic table, various laboratory skills and knowledge about the various processes are included in the curriculum of this course.

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Learn about the academic and industrial microbiological concepts at Marwadi University with Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. Get detailed knowledge about all the topics related to microbiology, allied sciences and experiments such as biochemistry, physiology, bioinformatics, immunology and other critical concepts used in industrial microbiological enterprises.

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Choose to pursue Bachelor of Science in Physics from the best BSc college in India to learn about the magnificent concepts of physics such as classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, nuclear physics, thermodynamics, atomic and molecular spectroscopy and many more. The scope of employment after completion of this Bachelor of Science is vast and can land you a job as a testing officer, R&D official, and even in the public sector organizations such as ISRO, BARC, DRDO, etc.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Play with the numbers and flaunt your love by bringing the number theory into practice to solve important equations. The perfectly tailored course for mathematics lovers is the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Marwadi University. Get comprehensive knowledge about the basic pillar of mathematics and detailed concepts of higher levels of problem-solving under the curriculum of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry

With Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry at Marwadi University, open the doors of employment in the petrochemical industry, biochemistry, nanotechnology research institutes and many other industries. This course not only includes the basics and advanced concepts of chemistry, but also the concepts of physics that are used by the industries.

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