Who loves exams? Nobody, apparently! It is the most stressful time of your lives as you push yourself harder and take so much mental stress in order to score high, right? Well, if you have thought of doing something unique in your life and want to go for doctorate degree, it means you have already decided to prepare harder than anyone else, true?
But to take an admission in a top-ranked PhD university, you would need to crack UGC NET with a good score. Here is an encouraging cum full-fledged guide to how you can clear this exam with scoring really well.

Analyse your syllabus

Many subjects are required to be prepared under this NET (National Eligibility Test). In 2 phases, this exam is administered. The first phase contains questions related to General Aptitude whereas the second phase is about your concerned subject. So, first of all, analyse the entire syllabus, and review all topics you need to go through. Don’t panic that you have this much long syllabus and that you have to complete all these topics. Patiently, start with the topics that you can cover faster.

Make notes while preparing

Many of you might have a habit of preparing notes while you are studying for your exams, haven’t you? This is the best way to complete the lengthy syllabus in a short time and quickly revise it when you want to! You can note down various important points and facts. Also, keep a practice of underlining and highlighting the main headings to make better notes. Writing the notes is also a good way to remember the topics easily!

Teach someone

Well, this doesn’t really mean that you have to teach someone about what you have learnt! Just narrate what you have learnt, in front of your family member or a classmate or a friend in such a way that you are teaching them. It is also possible that they ask their doubts and questions from which you can deeply learn the topics! This is the best trick to understand, remember and memorize your subjects with a greater ease and for a longer time.

Marwadi University is one of the best universities to study PhD in Rajkot. But to take your PhD admission in this university, you need to score high in your UGC NET. So, keep reading our blogs as we are going to cover more such tips in our next blog. So, stay tuned!