“To be or not to be: That is the question.”
– William Shakespeare

This question holds true even in the present day. Life can’t be reversed and hence, the time once lost cannot be retrieved back. Hence, the idea is to utilise time well.
If you are wondering whether taking a drop will be worth it or not, here’s your answer on it. Read to find out!

Reasons for your drop:

First things should come first. Understand that taking a drop is a huge risk. If it turns out well, then it’s great. But if it doesn’t, then you can end up wasting your precious years and your time. Hence, think before you act. Define your reasons clearly before you take that big step.

Is any of the below-mentioned reasons, a reason for your drop?

  • Want to secure a seat in a reputed college: If you gave the entrance exams and haven’t scored good enough to secure your seat in a well-known and well-reputed college, then you might consider taking a drop. There is no doubt that studying in such a college will enhance your personality and help you in many ways. But if you are taking a drop for an undergraduate course, it is suggestible to avoid doing so. Instead, you can take up many certificate courses with the course and learn many skills during this time. Meanwhile, you can prepare for your postgraduate entrance exam and secure an admission in a reputed college for the postgraduate degree course. A postgraduate degree is much valued as compared to an undergraduate degree course. Hence, it will generate better career prospects.
  • Unclear on the course you should opt: It is okay to be unclear on the course of your career. Most of the people aren’t clear about it for a while. But there is no point in sitting idle and thinking, till you get the answer. You ought to take action to find the course you enjoy and want to explore. Thus, if you are planning to take a drop to find this, it should be good for you. But if you plan to sit and think about it, then you are wasting your time. Instead, join a course. If you like it, go ahead with it. If not, change the course during your post-graduation. Meanwhile, you can participate in various activities of your college to find out what to enjoy.
  • Aspire to settle overseas: If you are planning to pursue your degree studies from abroad or aspire to settle overseas, then taking a drop can be a considerable decision. Studying for entrance exams, securing admission there, and getting a Visa can consume time which becomes cumbersome when you are pursuing a degree course. But there will be days when you won’t have anything to do. Don’t waste your time during this period. Instead, invest in skills and learn new things.

Apart from these reasons, if you wish to prove your worth to your family and friends by taking a drop then don’t opt for a drop. You don’t need to prove your worth to your loved ones. You are worth more than it.

Pros and Cons of taking a drop:

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, taking a drop has its pros and cons as well. Read them to make the right decision.

Explore them below:

Pros Cons
If you are focused, you will be able to invest in skills and gain knowledge. You might get distracted and lose your focus during the course of your drop.
Your focus can also help you achieve clarity on the purpose of your life. Seeing others of your age progress well, you might get depressed.
You might discover your strengths and weaknesses. In spite of pursuing various activities, you might not achieve clarity.
Your efforts can secure a seat in a well-reputed college. There are chances that you might end up wasting your time.
You will be able to explore your area of interest. You might disappoint the expectations of your loved ones.

What can you do after you have taken a drop?

After reading all these reasons, if you feel confident enough to take a drop, don’t hesitate to go ahead with it. But during that time, invest in skills by pursuing a Certification courses, which is relevant to your interest. According to an article published in Harvard Business Review, people with skill sets will be preferred by hiring managers.

At Marwadi University, we provide multiple certification courses in these arenas:

  • NSP
  • CEP
  • Big Data Hadoop Course
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics – R Programming
  • IOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Oracle Database course
  • Java Programming
  • Game Development
  • PHP Website designing
  • Amazon Web Services
  • C# programing
  • Tally Accountancy

These courses range from 6 weeks to 10 months and fees are also considerate. Thus, in a short duration of time, you can learn multiple skills and gain knowledge.

Take a drop only if you are 100% sure that you will invest your time properly. To make this firm, make a proper timeline and write down the things you will do during your drop year. Also, ask the advice of your near and dear ones who know you well so that you come to the best conclusion.

To discover various certificate courses and degree courses, visit Marwadi University.