Student life is the most enjoyable phase of our life provided he/she is at the right university. Being a student means being given the vast ocean of opportunity to explore and have the pleasure of learning the secrets of the universe. A student has all the learning opportunities at his or her disposal at Marwadi University as he or she can acquire as much information as he or she needs, or he or she sets his mind to it. But the life of a student is more about studying in the classroom. Staying at the MU Campus is a very different experience.

This article gives you insight into the life of students staying on campus.

Irresistible beautiful mornings

The sun greets MU students on a beautiful morning. With 4 acres sports complex, lake-side track for walking & jogging, students have 1000 capacity auditorium, health club with twin- food court and pristine landscaping at the campus to enjoy.

Let’s do lunch

The Institute provides a canteen facility located within the Institute Campus. The canteen serves breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner to the students. The Institute has separate hostel facilities for the strength of more than 1000+ students. Utmost care is taken to provide hygienic delicious food and water. Strict discipline is maintained in the canteen.

The institute has an extremely well-kept self-service cafeteria. It caters to the students’ taste-bud and is a great place to unwind in between the hectic lecture-lab schedules. The cafeteria is a cheerful place to be in at all times. It bustles with irrepressible youngsters and brims over with their infectious vibrant spirit.

Divine lectures

MU understands the changing classroom environment. We keep lectures interesting particularly when the subject matter is tedious. Our professors start the class with a story, engaging in industrial experience or short activity related to the subject matter.

Fun activities

In the cultural club, the platform is provided to faculty and students to unleash and showcase their talents through various activities. Many awards have been received by this club through participation in cultural festivals. The music club acts as a platform for budding artists and provides a foundation by recognizing and promoting their talent.

Homely hostel life

The hostel is often called as the ‘Second home’ of the students. Hence, at Marwadi University, we believe that this home should be no different from their original homes. Hostels should give a homely feel so that students never miss their home, especially their mother. We have 3 hostel buildings that can accommodate more than 2200 students. Among the numerous facilities which we provide, the major ones include laundry facilities, medical facilities, and gymnasium facilities. The hostel and gymnasium are separate for boys and girls.

With so much to do on campus, you will constantly feel pulled in many directions. So why wait when you can explore the opportunity now for a better tomorrow. Admissions open!