The cloud of misconception can surround any possible field, topic or area, but it is of utmost importance to have a reality check about the prevalent myths before jumping onto anything. And when it comes to education and making a career, then this tip can help you to stop choosing the wrong path mistakenly. It is not always about the area you are choosing for studying, it is also about the institute you are choosing or the source of information about the path you are intending to choose. Being one of the best universities in Gujarat, Marwadi University is here to solve this issue in the case of engineering and the myths that never leave this area for pursuing education.

Have a look at these myths and the realities stated by Marwadi University to provide you a crystal clear view of engineering and scopes after pursuing this field.

Myth: Bachelor of engineering is stepping stone for management studies

Reality: Yes, this is the case for most of the students! Even before starting their engineering studies, the students have presumed that they will for MBA from a reputed college such as IIMs. But this is the biggest myth about engineering so far as there is no relevance of engineering studies with MBA or how engineering can enhance MBA. There are a number of options after bachelors for pursuing a career.

Myth: Any B.Tech engineer can repair possibly anything

Reality: This can be called as a big misconception rather than myth as the ones who are unaware of engineering and its value will think that engineers have knowledge about repairing things. This can be true but for only those who have studied it such as mechanical engineers, electrical engineers or information technology engineers but that too depends on the course they are studying, hardware, software or other technologies.

Myth: Engineering is all about maths

Reality: Engineering includes mathematics as a part of their curriculum and needs to include the fundamentals of mathematics in practical work during their life after college. During Bachelor of engineering students learn all fundamental subjects and maths is one of them. But this does not mean that it is everything about maths and not all the engineers are fond of mathematics, it is just a part of their engineering knowledge pool.

Myth: Engineering students are devoid of a social life

Reality: A big no-no to this one as the students pursuing engineering does not submerge themselves in books forever. Yes, during exams they might work hard but that does not mean they will do it for the entire duration of bachelors. And if one is studying from the best university in Gujarat such as Marwadi University then there are so many extra-activities to provide them with a memorable college life full of learning.

Hope these revelations will help you to get a proper understanding about engineering and choose the field that will give you the brightest future. Marwadi University can provide you a path to choose the perfect future for you by selection of desired engineering field. Have a look at the courses offered at Marwadi University and you can get 360o development to become a professional from the best university in Gujarat.