A full-time job and full-time study together sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? It is pretty much difficult to handle both things at the same time! But there are some strategies that can lessen the entire load and make it possible. Below are a few strategies to keep in mind which can make you fulfil the dream of obtaining a master’s degree while pursuing your full-time job.

Go for online or hybrid post-graduation programs

As you are a working bee, it would become impossible for you to go for a full-time post-graduation program and attend all the sessions regularly. However, going for distance learning or online or hybrid program can give you the flexibility of taking the sessions. You would have great flexibility if you go for such programs.

Plan well and prioritize everything

Planning ahead can help you a lot! Plan your holidays in advance keeping in mind the exam schedule and other job responsibilities! As an employee of your company, you’d know when a huge and attention-taking project is coming. Planning ahead can help you prioritize your tasks and pay equal importance to all.

Set up your job routine

How great it would be if you could spare some time on a daily basis for your homework and study? An hour of lunch break from your office routine can save you a great time. Also, you can start your office day one hour early in the morning so that you can finish it one hour early too (if possible in your office). This way too, you can spare some more time on a regular basis which can be invested in your master’s degree program. And mind it, you need to stick to this routine for a longer time period as then only, it would give you results.

Assure that you like what you are studying

Don’t get into any master’s degree course due to somebody else’s pressure or any other reason. Do it only if you are passionate enough about it! Pursuing a master’s degree along with balancing job and family demands a great dedication and commitment which can only come if you love and enjoy what you learn. Otherwise, success is difficult!

Get into a course of your niche

For example, if you are working at a position of administrator or business correspondent or similar, you must go for a program which strongly supports you with it! MBA course with Finance or Human Resources can help you. Similarly, if you are working with an IT firm as a Software Developer, get into MTech in IT or Computer Engineering.

Marwadi University runs an array of post-graduation courses. MTech, MBA, MSc, MCA and MCS are to name a few. If you feel any of these courses can help you, enquire now!