After being done and dusted with Bachelors, a student’s career path just begins. But with many new options constantly popping up, everyone is quite confused these days. While most of the people end up following the heard and end up pursuing MBA after their graduation, the engineering graduates are usually stranded – confused on whether to work, pursue MBA or opt for a more technical degree course i.e., M.E. They often question – “So, is it an MBA or M.E.?”.

If you are one of them then worry not. Cross this hurdle and get answers to your questions as further:

MBA, a birth to charisma:

Take the corporate world down with your professional business skills and administrative knowledge, as this course gives a positive forecast about your future in the corporate lands. Master’s in Business Administration can furnish you with awareness in areas such as communication, business laws, finance, and management where the extra pointer can be the gained confidence. Basically, these skills have much-needed application in the commercial world and those attracted to it must definitely go for it.

The zeal of M.E.

Master’s in Engineering is a degree course for enthusiasts who seek knowledge in their particular field. A Master’s degree in Technology is capable of creating a pioneer with insights in their particular stream well-equipped with the knowledge and enhancing one’s creativity, enough, to design new things and modify the old ones. Thus, the degree promises future disciples to be well-equipped with enough practical skills to give life to their ideas in the field of technology. With a good grip in their subject, the M. Tech students have a shining future in the field of research and teaching – imparting their knowledge in any possible way.

Spin the wheel of life: Choose the correct path

Comparing both the courses, if we imagine a balance scale with both hands occupied by each course, we can certainly say that both the courses are equal in terms of scope and relevance, as MBA may get you in any corporate job but won’t promise you with the application of your bachelor’s degree knowledge everywhere. Whereas an M.E. degree might not assure with the knowledge of corporate.

What should you choose?

People usually make their choices based on the career opportunities they get in a particular field and the growth they experience. In terms of MBA and M.E., both the courses offer great career opportunities and growth opportunities. They offer decent salary packages as well. Thus, you don’t need to worry about these aspects. You should make a choice based on what interests you. Think about it. Are you passionate about the technical line or are you passionate about managing things or have a temperament of an entrepreneur? Think about it and then make a choice.

At Marwadi University, we offer both the degree courses along with attractive placement opportunities. Our regular extra-curricular activities will give you ample opportunities to l to grow and develop yourself as per the industry requirements. Hence, apply for our degree courses today.