When any student chooses a filled as their career option, there are high hopes in their minds of working with the best possible giants of their field to gain knowledge and earn the best price, obviously. Marwadi University, being well-aware of this fact has one of Gujarat’s finest training and placement teams that make sure that students get a chance to work with the top-notch MNCs.

The team behind the placements at Marwadi University are in a constant effort to bring the best companies in each field so that students can have the best placement opportunities. And it is not just that we are saying, top companies from across the world have already found talent and knowledge in the students and have already bagged some of the talented ones for their companies.

Why Marwadi University?

  • 200+ companies visit every year
  • Exposure to top-notch national and multi-national companies
  • An experienced and talented team of training and placement, one of the best in Gujarat
  • 600+ students get placed every year
  • A chance to secure a job in companies such as Amazon, Cognizant, Airtel and many more

The placement process at Marwadi University is quite simple without any hassle or cumbersome rounds and formalities. Here, have a look at the placement process.

  • Request

This is the first step, where the companies that are interested in hiring the students of Marwadi University, send their request with a complete description of the company, manpower and the detailed job description.

  • Pre-screening

In this step, the training and placement team browses the students’ database to shortlist the students who fall into the criteria provided by the respective company. At this step, a list of eligible students is made and the process of intimation begins.

  • Information holding

This step is very important for the eligible students are provided complete details about the company, acknowledgment of all the aspects and detailed job description. Thus, this step is to create awareness among the students.

  • Student registration

After the eligible students are provided complete information about the company and the job description, few days are provided to the students to register themselves for the placement process of the said company. This is just a basic registration step as Marwadi University already holds basic details about the students.

  • Placement process

After the completion of registration process, the placement team holds a list of eligible and interested students, the details about the company and types of interview rounds that company would like to take. Then, a date and time are decided and the respective rounds take place.

Marwadi University provides students the knowledge about the entire placement process and trains them accordingly. Here are the basic areas where the students are trained:

  • General aptitude
  • Communication skills
  • Domain specific knowledge
  • Organizational citizen behaviour

Enrol yourself at Marwadi University now to get placed in the best companies across the globe. Visit Marwadi University and get all the details.