While both corporate and start-up have their pros and cons, most of the millennials are inclined over startups. It might be triggering but it is evident possibly due to the following reasons.

Turning Point

Start-ups can be a huge opportunity to make it big in the market. Millennials are keener on making changes on a bigger level and adding value to the lives of people, thus startups offer a platform for youths to come up with new and innovative ideas. Also, a startup is sure to be a game-changer and ultimately a huge success if it works out well in the end.

Opportunity To Grow And Learn

Within a start-up, an individual gets an opportunity to learn different things at a time. A smaller group of people and new responsibility every day, an individual embarks on taking up several roles and challenges that let them to grow and learn along the way. No specific role is allotted to an individual thus, he/she is encouraged to initiate actively on almost anything that comes their way. It enables cross-learning, newer insights, and experiences.

Opportunity To Experiment

An individual gets a chance to experiment. Determining and solving problems enables them to learn, enhance, and try new skills every day. A person gets to work on a wide array of fields like marketing, designing, management, accounting, sales, etc thus he/she has a lot of scope to implement new things, commit mistakes, learn, gain experience and kick start again.

Gain Experience

Needless to say, the experience gained hereafter is immense. Without any doubt in a startup, an individual learns new skills quickly which may usually take many years to do so. The start-up prepares an individual to deal with any problem or situations immediately, enables them to take risks, prompt decisions and gain an effective team working attitude. Therefore, proving to be the right platform for millennials to gain valuable experience.

Facilitates Ownership And Responsibility

In a startup, an individual gets a fair chance to take ownership and responsibility for work, not only that but they also have to own up to any failure or for that matter any success related to the organization. That way, there’s nobody to blame on and because no work is delegated to a particular person there’s more flexibility in work.

Innovative Ideas And Perspective

Fresh and new ideas are always welcome in a startup. An individual is free to suggest ideas and ask about anything without any hesitation. On enough brainstorming as to what, how, when to do, startups create a platform for fresh and creative ideas on the whole. It’s a win-win case altogether for both the parties i.e. the customers and the organization.

In the end, all millennials might not agree with these reasons and still choose corporates jobs over startups, but those individual who is determined and have ideas to start something of their own then Marwadi University has your back. Start-Up And Innovation Policy (SSIP), is a special startup programme offered to students, click here to know detailed information about it.