NAAC is an organization, which evaluates and certifies Higher Educational Institutes in India under the University Grants Commission. It examines some important aspects like the standard of quality of education, faculty, research, infrastructure, etc. In India, only NAAC accredited universities are eligible for UGC grants.

Read in detail about NAAC accreditation and what is its importance:

What is NAAC?

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an autonomous organization that was initiated by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in 1994. Its main duty is to assess and accredit all higher education institutions across the country and to make sure that a particular institute meets all the requirements. Its headquarters is situated in Bangalore.

Importance of NAAC Accreditation For Institutes

NAAC accreditation is necessary for UGC grants, financial aids, RUSA grants, etc. It is made mandatory by the government of India for all Higher Educational Institutes. And, the institutes that are accredited with A or A+ or A++ are most-sought after.

Moreover, it also helps institutes to find their weaknesses and work on that to provide students better services. It also improves the chance of availing funds as the research funding agencies gain confidence and allocate projects. Ultimately, it offers a better direction and identity to the institute.

Importance of NAAC Accreditation For Students

NAAC accreditation determines the quality of the institute, in terms of education, faculty, research, infrastructure, etc. and gives confidence to students that the institute they are selecting is providing the best services. It gives instant recognition to an institute as credible and increases the admissions.

It provides better academic exposures and even expands the possibility of placement opportunities with international companies. NAAC grade also enhances the value of the degree offered by and NAAC accreditation institute. NAAC also provides ease in foreign education for further studies.

Eligibility Criteria for NAAC Accreditation

Here are three basic requirements for NAAC Accreditation:

  • The university must be recognized and approved by UGC.
  • An adequate number of students should enrol for a full-time course.
  • The university must be located within the country.

NAAC Accreditation Process

The systematic process to apply for NAAC Accreditation are:

  • Higher Education Institute (HEI) Registration on the NAAC website.
  • Institutional Information for Quality Assessment (IIQA) submission.
  • Self-Study Report (SSR) submission.
  • NAAC then proceeds to take a Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) and Data Validation & Verification (DVV) process for Pre-Qualification Evaluation
  • NAAC publishes the institute’s grades.

NAAC Parameters

Here are seven parameters based on which the NAAC grades the institutes:

  • Curricular Aspects
  • Governance, Leadership, and Management
  • Infrastructure and Learning Resources
  • Institutional Values & Best Practices
  • Research, Consultancy, and Extensions
  • Student Support and Progression
  • Teaching & Learning, Evaluation

NAAC’s Grading System

Based on the above seven parameters, NAAC grades higher education institutes in India under four categories- A, B, C, and D. The NAAC signifies the performance of institutes as very good, good, satisfactory, and unsatisfactory. The report is based on the above seven parameters and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Below table will help you understand better:

CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) Grade Status Performance of Institutes
3.51-4.00 A++ Accredited V.Good
3.26-3.50 A+ Accredited V.Good
3.01-3.25 A Accredited V.Good
2.79-3.00 B++ Accredited Good
2.51-2.75 B+ Accredited Good
2.01-2.50 B Accredited Good
1.51- 2.00 C Accredited Satisfactory
Less than 1.50 D Not Accredited Unsatisfactory

We hope now you got the significance of NAAC Accreditation.

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