Students can avail their student loan for professional education at Marwadi University using the bank loan facility from leading banks. Banks only sanction loans after compliance with the required standards and procedural formalities. Special arrangements have been made by Marwadi University with State Bank of India, Bank of India and Central Bank of India, HDFC Bank and other private banks for the speedy sanctioning and dispersal of educational Loan for admission of students.


Purpose of payment for fees

Purchase of books, equipment, tools, uniform and payment of hostel fees, exam fees and study related travel in India

Eligible courses

Engineering, medical, farming, veterinary, law, dental, computer, and management, etc.


  • Should be an Indian National with no age restriction
  • Should have secured merit to Indian professional/technical courses (including quota management)

Not Eligible

Students admitted through management quota


For education in India: Max. Rs.10.00 Lakhs


  • Up to Rs.4.00 Lakhs – Nil
  • Above Rs.4.00 Lakhs – For education in India is 5%


  • The loan shall be granted jointly to the student and the parent/guard assignment of the student’s future income
  • Up to Rupees 4.00 Lakhs- No security
  • Above Rupees 4.00 Lakhs (up to Rupees 7.50 Lakhs) – Satisfactory third party guarantee
  • (Note: If the proposed borrower prefers to offer collateral of tangible assets (movable or non-movable) rather than collateral securities in the form of a third party guarantee, the same may be accepted at his request, provided that securities with a stipulated margin cover 100% of the amount of the loan)
  • Over Rupees 7.50 lakhs: collateral securities equal to 100% of the loan amount.

Processing fee

No preliminary charges may be levied on loans under the scheme sanctioned


Commences two years after the course is completed or six months after employment (whichever is earlier)


  • For loans up to Rs.7.5 Lakhs–10 years after repayment starts
  • For loans above Rs.7.5 Lakhs – up to 15 years after repayment starts
  • No pre-payment Credit Delivery Loan can be used from the branch closest to the parent/guardian’s permanent residence.
  • Abstention of the student’s UID number (Aadhaar) is mandatory

Rate of interest

  • Interest to be charged at base rate rates as determined by individual banks
  • Simple interest to be charged during the study period and up to the commencement of the repayment.

Interest subsidy

  • Students pursuing studies abroad
  • Students pursuing courses not approved under the IBA Scheme but approved by the Bank
  • Students discontinuing or expelled from the institution for disciplinary or academic reasons. However, the subsidy would only be available for the actual study period if the discontinuation with the necessary documentation is due to medical reasons.
  • Students with a weaker economic background with up to 4.50 lpa of income from their parents

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