As it is said, “Continue to grow and evolve”, Marwadi University has always believed in this “never stopping and always growing” idea. Growth here isn’t just in classrooms but also in college-experience. To emerge in a better way, we make sure that students feel the presence of several ethnic groups and their culture.

What is Multiculturalism?

It is a situation in which the separate group lives together in society without discrimination in the name of caste, creed, race, religion or colour.

Looking at the importance of a multicultural society, we are always open to students of different cultures. We already have the input of worldwide students. Consequently, people from different social and cultural backgrounds come to learn harmoniously. So, here’s why we consider components like Multiculturalism necessary for the university as well as students:

Change is Inevitable

Progress and change go hand in hand. Neither of the both can be denied nor limited. We keep pace with the changes taking place in the world and make sure that we are part of it. To support our claims, apart from foreign students we are undertaking as many as 192 Syrian students to mark our stand with the nation.

Different Perspectives

Perspectives help to enhance critical and divergent thinking that contributes to the overall development of students. University wants its students to be effective problem solvers, have a flexible mindset and, incorporate tolerance on their lives. University gives the feel of a globally connected world to enrich curriculum, harness empathy among students so they can adjust to unexpected, grow and succeed. Clearly, having diversity on campus will lead to better understanding of ethnic, racial and cultural identities that will enhance the learning environment.

Reduces Cultural Differences

There is the major need to promote love and mutual respect for cross-culture tolerance. The university works on developing understanding among communities and academic discipline. It helps to increase human dignity and bridge the gap of cultural differences. We welcome diversity on our university campus to build interconnection among nations and people in a promising way.

Diverse Learning

Learning isn’t just limited to what is taught. It is as dependent on academics as it is on demographic values. Our university promotes equity and respects for everyone and so does multiculturalism. It improves moral growth and decreases stereotyping. While our prime aspect is human development, having diversity at our campus is something that makes sure that terms like human values are not ignored. We want our students to get the experience of global society thereby having an adequate understanding of the interdependent world.

Multiculturalism is an important element in becoming a socially responsible person. It goes beyond the academic score of a student and trains them to sustain for employment as well as societal needs. It is something that Marwadi University aims for. We do not only get them ready for better jobs, but also for a better life!