They say that the most intelligent thing to do today is to do something that will change your tomorrow Marwadi University, the top university in Rajkot works on this mantra. Placements being one of the most important aspects of University education, it is important to treat it as an individual subject. MU has done exactly the same, they have incorporated grooming and personal development as the part of the basic curriculum. In today’s time, the digital media has taken a significant position in the education sector. Lessons through videos and innovative presentations capture the interest as well as the imagination of the student. One major advantage of learning through videos is that you can work at your own pace, and view it as many times as you want. Marwadi University, the best college in Gujarat, arranges special grooming sessions for the students, and the videos of the same are later uploaded on their youtube channel.

PlacementMU placement cellApart from imparting quality education, it is a duty of the educational institutes to help in overall development of the students. All the years of education and whatever you learn finally comes to utilization when you finally step out of college for job placements or self-employment. Colleges like Marwadi University, the top engineering college in Gujarat, prepare you for the corporate world that awaits you. This personal development and grooming sessions and videos are to teach the students the correct body language, posture, and language. Which is important to create a good impression in your interviews. Good body language and confident add the much-needed weightage to your qualifications. A well-groomed and confident person always holds an edge over a person with a weaker personality. These grooming skills make you more confident and increase your chance of getting your dream job. The Marwadi University, the top college in Gujarat, is striving to provide the students an engaging, interactive and technology driven Learning Space by uploading videos related to learning and development on their youtube channel.

development cell in mu development cellNowadays the youth is more interested in learning through creative and interactive media rather than old traditional ways. The reason being these videos not only make the content more interesting but also makes it easier to absorb the information. Also, it is then possible for students to go over the same topic as many times as they wish and thus they can always rely on this digital content. This kind of learning interface also values individual space and time. Students can watch these learning and development videos and content whenever and wherever they want to. The ability to understand and learn things vary from student to student, which is kept in mind while creating this digital content. By making personal development an important subject in the curriculum and providing videos for the same, Marwadi University, the top college in Gujarat, is taking serious steps towards the overall development of students.

When it comes to landing that executive position at work, it is very important that you know how to present the knowledge you possess. Taking small steps in the direction of self-improvement can make a big difference in the life of a student.