University placements are an important step in a student’s life. They open new avenues and draw the guidelines for the new path of your life. More importantly, the joy of grabbing your dream job in your dream company is something truly inexpressible.

But these university placements can be nerve-cracking especially when you don’t have any idea to crack them. While it is necessary to have a good knowledge of your academics, there are other factors which can change the game for you altogether. Find a few of them as below.

Do your homework

By using the word ‘Homework’ we are asking you to carry out detailed research on the company you are going to attend an interview for. This will help you in knowing various aspects of the company and some possible ways to tackle your interview. Additionally, you will learn about the services they offer and their work ethics. Moreover, it will help you to prepare well for the technical and the interview round. As most of the companies that offer placements in Marwadi University are reputed, you won’t face any problem to research on them.

Study hard for the written test

Before having a face to face interview, you might have to give a written test. This written test is meant to test your technical knowledge and academic performance. Hence, take this test seriously and study hard for it. Gain some information on the sort of questions asked and their difficulty level from your friends and seniors who previously appeared for the placement interview of your company. Also, don’t forget to take the help of your professors for further guidance.

Be confident

Once you have given the written test, the next phase is the face to face interview. In general, such an interview is the test of your overall personality. Hence, take a few deep breathes and stay calm and confident. An easy trick to build a sense of confidence with your interviewer can be to speak while looking directly in the eyes. But be cautious, your gaze should be soft. Further, think twice before you speak and don’t utter harsh words. Be extremely clear about your opinions and don’t be hesitant to state them. This will help you to develop a sense of trust in the mind of the interviewer.

Practice your interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills play an important role in several aspects of your life. They help you build good connections and to grab various opportunities which often cross your way. For your placement interview, these interpersonal skills will create a major impact on the final decision of your interviewer. Hence, brush up your listening and speaking skills. Also, unnecessary movements of your hands and legs can be a negative sign hence, learn to control them. Practice other interpersonal skills as well and leave a deep impression on the interviewer.

Dress right

You can’t attend an interview wearing casual attire, this is the basic protocol. Wearing casual attire might display a lack of seriousness and sense of responsibility in you. Hence, dress in proper formal attire for the interview. Don’t wear bright or dull colors. Instead, go for sober ones. Also, don’t opt for anything which has too many prints or patterns. Wear something simple yet classy. Additionally, don’t forget to accessorize your outfit well.

Thus, prepare for your university placement well and give your best shot! At Marwadi University, placements are offered by many top-rated companies with attractive packages. We offer 100% placements to students across various fields and our University placements are well talked about. To know further about the university, visit our Campus today.