Thinking of making a career in the exciting and evolving world of architecture? The 5-year Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) course offers excellent career opportunities to aspirants. 

 An architecture career is one of the most prolific career options in prevailing times. You can build a progressing career in the architecture field with efforts, dedication and passion towards building and surroundings. 

 B.Arch. course imparts students with an education that empowers their visual, practical, creative and design-focused architect skills. The course enables you to become self-employed or explore some desirable job prospects you can pick from. 

 However, the act of choosing what kind of architect you aspire to become can be a little baffling, but here we give you some great career options after B.Arch. that you can consider. 


Top 7 Popular Career Options after B.Arch.:

  • Landscape Architect
  • Urban Planner
  • Architectural Journalist
  • Interior Designer
  • Architect
  • Production Designer
  • Town Planner


Landscape Architect 

Do you find the development of outdoor spaces, environmental restoration, recreational areas, environmental conservation, stormwater management etc., engaging? If yes, becoming a landscape architect is the perfect architecture career for you. Landscape architects play a pivotal role amidst globalization and climate changes in rural and urban spaces. Additionally, the landscape architect also embraces designing public areas, forestry and agriculture apart from outdoor spaces.


Urban Planner

Urban planners develop, designs and plan on how to use land. They utilize planning to build communities, sustain the growing population, renew buildings in cities, counties, towns and metropolitan areas. Generally, urban city plans are enhanced within some period to suffice the demands of the dynamic and modern urban environment. The profile of an urban planner is an exciting yet complex one since it includes a wide-scale method demanding problem-solving and creativity at once.


Architectural Journalist

You can become an architectural journalist if you’ve completed the B.Arch. course and have a knack for writing. This area in architecture has been growing tremendously and can be considered a practical option to build a great career. As an architectural journalist, you can write for magazines, websites, portals, journals etc., related to the building industry, interior designing and architecture. With this job role, you can look for employment in a company or work as a freelancer.


Interior Designer

Architecture and interior designing are the best combo you need to build a good architectural career. Architects have a sharp ability to design on almost every scale attainable. Interior designing requires planning followed by larger responsibility for construction, and they create and renew indoor spaces that are safe, practical and elegant. As an architect, you can use architecture skills, technical skills, project management ability and creativity to build ideal indoor spaces as an interior designer.



The most notable and obvious architecture career you can opt for is becoming an architect. An architect keeps oneself at the forefront to upgrade the lives of people by engaging modern technology with creativity. Architects work closely with clients to design new buildings, modify old ones, plan structures, supervise construction projects and more by keeping the environmental impact in mind and resolving design intricacies if any.


Production Designer

One of the great career options after the B.Arch. course is being a production designer. Aspirants who admire the entertainment industry would love this job role. The film, theatre and television industries frequently require creating stages and designing sets, and that’s when a production designer comes into play. A production designer acts on each level of the construction of the stage/set by using their creativity. If considered, this job role is one of the most exciting ones.


Town Planner

Town planner works to design and develop urban areas like towns and cities. As a town planner, it’s your job to ensure a balance between the requirements that need to be served on the land and the necessities of the communities. The main functions that a town planner needs to focus on are development, improvement, and sustainability. A town planner needs to have environmental and economic awareness of the construction project being carried out.


You have several other career options after B.Arch. that you can consider. To name a few, you can become a research architect, structural engineer, building surveyor, artist and more. 

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