As they say, the best things don’t happen overnight.

In any career of your choice, you would require some key skills to attain success and thrive, and you don’t build those skills within a short time since it asks for a lot of work and practice. The same goes for a legal career. Along with obtaining a law degree, you also need a mix of legal competencies to become a thriving lawyer.

While developing such a lawyer’s skills and competencies can be a little overwhelming and time-taking, you need to believe that it’s not at all unlikely and is achievable with smart and hard work.

So, if you’re wondering what are the skills of a lawyer and do you have what it takes to become one – here’s what you need to read!

7 Skills of a Lawyer that You Need to Grow:

  • Oral Communication
  • Good Writing Ability
  • Ability to Research
  • Teamwork
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Attention to Detail
  • Creativity

Oral Communication

One of the first lawyer’s skills you need is to have exceptional oral communication. As a lawyer, your communication should be clear, precise and highly persuasive to influence judges and jury. You have to be confident plus speak clearly and logically while negotiating, conveying complex legal information or arguing in court.

Good Writing Ability

So, coming to the next one, like oral, written communication is perhaps another vital skill you need for a lawyer’s job. As a lawyer, a lot of your work encircles writing petitions, attorneys, sale agreements, and other legal documents. So, fluent writing skills are a must to gain your client’s confidence and ensure effective articulation.

Ability to Research

For supporting arguments and validating final results, you need to spend a lot of time researching old cases and reading enormous information, understanding & analysing facts, figures and charts. As an aspiring lawyer, you need to have the ability to conduct legal research extensively and dig around some old law stuff. You need to develop this skill of a lawyer at the start of your career.


Teamwork is an inevitable lawyer’s skill you will need to embrace. For attaining legal goals, you will have to work with colleagues, and the more you are good to work with, the more people will consider collaborating with you, supporting and helping you. Thus, you need to work in a team since you will deal with legal experts of all levels of hierarchy.

Commercial Awareness

A good lawyer should have an idea about what’s happening in the world. Commercial awareness refers to having broader knowledge about current affairs and business news, specifically the ones that can impact law firms. You can improve your commercial awareness by joining a law club in your university or an industry-specific forum or reading business publications.

Attention to Detail

Undoubtedly, surviving as a lawyer without being attentive to detail is not possible. Lawyers need to have a sharp eye on detail and need to work with high accuracy and precision. Many a time, you might get large documents with missing or unclear information, it’s then that your attentiveness that can spot essential information and complete the entire task.


You must have felt that there’s nothing encompassing creativity in a legal career, but no, that’s not the case. So, many times, the correct conclusions do not come from good analytical skills, but it comes from creativity to go out of the way and think of a solution. As a lawyer, you may have to search new areas, ideas and evidence to get the desired result.

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