A four-year undergraduate degree course called B Pharm, or a bachelor of pharmacy, covers the fundamentals of pharmacy. Students pick up on methods, procedures, drug use, and in-depth knowledge of medications. The program’s main components include healthcare and biochemical science. For students who want to be in the middle of medicine but do not want to be doctors, B Pharma is also a trend line curriculum.

It’s important to consider what course you are selecting, but it’s more important to consider which university are you pursuing the course from. You must choose a university which gives you guaranteed and trusted placements. The only university in India to provide guaranteed and trusted placements are Marwadi University. It is the best university offering the best courses across India led by India’s top professors.

The MBA course offered by Marwadi University has the best  faculty to support and help you to guide you towards a bright future. The B Pharma graduates who choose a core position are welcomed as Assistant Research Associates, Drugs Specialists, and Healthcare Associates by numerous organisations.

Some graduates even work in the drug development industry or are qualified for positions requiring data validation. Typically, these prologues take place in the private sector. For B Pharma grads to secure such sought-after professions, competition is typically rather fierce.

Reasons Why You Should Choose MBA after B. Pharmacy

Any student interested in a career in pharmacy should consider doing a bachelor’s in Pharmacy. They can pursue careers in research, R&D science, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and many other fields. Even medicinal medication therapists, obsessive lab scientists, and even health inspectors are possible careers for graduates. However, there are eventually fewer growth opportunities available for all of these professions. After a given number of years of employment, careers in these fields typically tend to become immobile.

Hence, a degree in MBA can give a significant boost to your career. Any pharmaceutical company must have capable managers who comprehend the organization’s fundamental functions. The following are some of the main justifications for a B Pharma graduate to pursue an MBA.

  • Enhances managerial skills to technical skills and gets into echelons of management.
  • Get opportunities in the entire health care industry rather than being restricted to the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Prospects for an MBA student exist outside of the pharmaceutical or healthcare industries.
  • MBA students enter new industries such as the financial sector, retail, the automotive industry, consumer durables, and even e-commerce.

With an MBA, a graduate has more employment options than simply the pharmaceutical industry in the nation; they can also work for multinational corporations. Students also enter the fields of finance, marketing, operations, or even human resources because administration skills give them a great deal of freedom and help them develop their talents.

Salary & Jobs in MBA after Bachelors in Pharmacy

After receiving a degree in B.Pharm., an MBA graduate can find lucrative employment and compensation packages. A graduate can not only sustain a successful career but also observe improvement in it because an MBA offers up a door for fresh and lucrative opportunities. Some people may even choose to work in fields unrelated to pharmaceuticals.

The MBA degree enables graduates to interact in a way that keeps them technologically and informationally current. They are also ideal candidates for higher roles in businesses because of this. Following an MBA, one can look forward to numerous careers, including:

  • Sales Manager at Pharmaceutical Company
  • Business Development Officer
  • Drug Distribution Manager
  • Production and Quality Control Manager
  • Medical Representative in marketing
  • Drugs Market Research Analyst
  • Pharmaceutical Company Manager
  • Hospital management
  • Product Executive

Even in a rank 2 MBA school, each of these jobs offers a starting pay that is attractive over per year. The pay increases over time as the skill level and job responsibilities increase. If one chooses to start a pharmaceutical company, one can build their company using managerial and commercial talents.