AI has become a hot buzzword presently. The field has been raging worldwide and is shaping our futures already! 

From virtual assistants like Alexa at our homes to robots serving food in restaurants to self-driving cars on roads, it has initiated its application in our everyday lives. With the growing demand in industries, the opportunities to build a career in AI have also expanded tremendously.

AI is worth all the hype it gets! Because of advances in technology, there are loads of AI job opportunities unveiling currently and the field will continue to open new horizons in future too.

Below, we will explore some of the best Artificial Intelligence career paths. However, before that, let’s get into basics and know about AI in brief.

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

AI refers to machines mimicking human intellect. Simply put, machines are programmed to think, learn, work and solve problems like humans. AI is based on a system that machines can imitate and perform tasks precisely as humans do; the problems range from simple to complex. AI has its applications in areas like:

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Business
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Marketing
  • Banking
  • Construction

Top 5 Best Artificial Intelligence Jobs You Should Explore:

Data Scientist

Data scientist helps business gather a large amount of data using machine learning and infer the data and gain valuable insights from the same. Data scientists help business predict future data trends and growth opportunities.

For landing a job role as a data scientist, you need to be proficient in using tools like Spark, Hive and Hadoop and programming languages like Python or SQL.

Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence developer holds business knowledge along with AI. Business intelligence developer is one attractive AI job as the need for this job role will not drop, will see a rapid increase instead. For this role, decent knowledge of SQL server and queries works well.

BI developers assess data and identify helpful business trends. They help companies increase their profits by providing them with clever business solutions.

AI Engineers

AI engineers test, implement and develop various models of Artificial Intelligence to solve complex problems. They develop AI models by using machine learning algorithms and through a thorough understanding of neural networks.

Through the models made by AI engineers, companies can make profitable business decisions. For this job role, one of the essential AI skills is to know programming languages such as Python or R.

Research Scientist

A research scientist is a specialist in various AI disciplines like machine learning, applied mathematics, deep learning and statistics. They conduct thorough research in applications of machine learning and intelligence.

For research scientists, pay scales are pretty high, and job-seekers with higher experience in AI are preferred. To land this job role, knowledge in computer perception, graphic models, reinforcement learning etc., are required.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are constantly in demand as they specialize in working with high volume data and have their expertise in data management. They build and manage self-operating software, which enables machine learning initiatives.

ML engineers work in risk management, speech recognition, fraud prevention etc. One gets an edge in this job role if they can apply predictive models to data, know about programming, coding and computing.

AI contributes to the simplification of human tasks. Career prospects in Artificial Intelligence will continue to evolve as technology will continue to innovate ceaselessly.

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