Imagine it’s time to select an educational field and you are confused about which university to go to, you compare the university’s achievements and standards in terms of imparting education, facilities and infrastructure. That’s when Marwadi University steps itself into the game!

Marwadi Education Foundation Group of Institutions is the only NAAC A+ accredited institute out of 51 universities and 396 educational institutions in Gujarat. To top it off, the fact that the university is in the most progressive state of India, Gujarat, is what adds to its prestigiousness!

In the extracurriculars, Marwadi University situated in Smart City Rajkot hosts and organises the Smart City Rajkot Hackathon event. This initiative aims to promote the creativity and technical expertise of students for the direct benefit of the city and the country at large. MU provides its students with an exclusive Centre for Learning and Development.

There are various reasons why you should choose Marwadi to be your dream university. These reasons are mentioned below:

Reasons to Choose Marwadi University

1) Career Development Programmes:

Marwadi University offers a diverse platform for you to explore numerous career options. These programmes will not only transform your calibre and quality of gaining knowledge but also prepare you for the opportunities that wait for you once you finish your programme. These programmes enable all the students to think ahead and shape their professional careers. These programmes help in developing soft skills, personality, placement-specific training, and so much more.

2) Placement opportunities in MNCs:

While selecting a university, one surely considers the placements that the university has to offer in the ending semesters or after finishing the degree. Marwadi University has tie-ups with over 3000 top associations for on and off-campus placement opportunities. An in-house placement department grooms MUites to become future-ready professionals and prepares them for what the world has got to offer!

3) Cultural Diversity:

Students from all over the country and the world get together, on one platform, to work towards a bright future. At Marwadi University, around 10,700+ Students from over 51 countries are pursuing their careers here! This cultural diversity makes the environment vibrant and lively. The students also get familiar with different mindsets and experience overall growth in life.

4) Centre of Excellence:

Marwadi University is said to be the centre of excellence because the State Government of Gujarat has awarded MU the prestigious Centre of Excellence (CoE) status looking at the university’s rigorous and continuous commitment to innovating learning and practice. If you choose Marwadi University, you will get to train yourself under top-class professors.

5) NAAC A+ Accredited Institute:

Marwadi University is the country’s highest accreditation council set up by the Government of India – MEFGI is the only NAAC A+ accredited institute in Gujarat – Out of 51 universities, 396 educational institutions in Gujarat.

We are ready to welcome you towards a bright and successful future at Marwadi University. Enjoy learning and implementing all in one place! So, this is why Marwadi University is just your ideal university to be!